Eet | Regina Spektor

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can’t believe it, you were always singing along
It was so easy, and the words so sweet
You can’t remember, you try to feel the beat

You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you never had the courage to commit.

Oscar Wilde || The Picture of Dorian Gray (via socratic-thinker)

Coming out of an overwhelming depression is like swimming up from the deep end of the pool with heavy weights attached to your body. You aren’t sure if you will make it all the way up or survive the journey at all. You tell yourself, “This too shall pass,” while your Depression says, “Yes, but I will come again. And again and again. I’m an addiction you cannot beat.”

The Mental Illness Happy Hour // Guest Blog by listener Jill: Dealing with the Beast (via myballoonburst)

I regret that it takes a life to learn how to live.

— Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (via alwaysloveyourself)


dating tip: ask them to show you their recently used emojis so you can count your matches and see if you are compatible


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

We need, in love, to practice only this: letting each other go. For holding on comes easily; we do not need to learn it.

— Rainer Maria Rilke  (via abattoirette)

I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do.

— (via cutely-perverted)
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